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The BT Pictures production team helps clients reach their audience in a way that no other medium can provide.
Video evokes different kinds of emotions and connects the viewer to a product, a service, a person, or an experience.
That is why our video producers work so diligently to provide our clients with creative and dynamic corporate video production services.
We love creating our clients’ corporate stories.

Let BT Pictures Production builds that bond with you

Company Promotional


Promote your business with a company promotional video that tells your corporate story and showcases what makes you the best in your field.

Commercials & Videos
for Advertising
full commerce.jpg


Commercial video production for broadcast can cost a small fortune. BT Pictures production will produce a highly polished video without breaking the bank.

Aerial Videography


Create intrigue with eye-catching aerial drone videography. Showcase your facilities, signage, and locations with the creative flair of a different point of view.

Product & Service Videos
Visio Optical.jpg


BT Pictures Production will capture the features and effectiveness of your product to help translate your viewing audience into customers.

Testimonial & Interviews

Harness the power of interview videos to promote on your website and social media. Utilize that personal connection testimonials convey to draw in new clients.

Green Screen Video Production
Image by Dane Kelly

Don’t have a great location to shoot your video? Our green screen studio can provide a more dynamic backdrop, providing ultimate control and visually stunning graphics and animation.

Event Videography Toronto

Capture the highlights of your corporate event with an exciting video! We'll make sure your corporate event video is one to be remembered!

Actor Services

From actor self tape auditions, demo reel editing, acting classes, workshops, and private coaching, Key West Video offers professional actor services that make you the star!

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