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Who we are:

We are an experienced and friendly team that specializes in a wide array of film and media services including TV commercial, corporate video, event coverage, web video content, as well as varied photography and videography services. With over 20 years of international and 10 years Canadian experience in film production coupled with creative directing, we understand the market and promise to bring you the expertise and the vision while maintaining a fresh and innovative approach to make your product stand out among the rest.

What we offer:

We will guide you every step of the way from pre- to post- production to create a unique product that suits your business needs in the best possible way. Having numerous returning diverse-industry clients, we are certain we can generate more exposure and highlight your business.


Meet our Creative Director

The founder and creative director of BT Pictures Production, Babak Tehrani, a graduate of Toronto Film School, has been capturing and showcasing ideas and products into innovative and conceptual media solutions for over 20 years. His technical and conceptual skills led him to work with some of the largest industry production companies such as CBS, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. No project is too small or too big for him; being curious by nature, his unfeigned enthusiasm and dedication to his work is unparalleled. 

Feel free to have a glimpse of his IMDB portfolio. 

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